Early tomorrow morning I am taking off to Minsk, the capitol of Belarus to meet a friend of mine whom I met backpacking in Macedonia in the summer of 2016. Keith and I met at a hostel near Lake Ochrid, a beautiful gem I would highly recommend visiting if ever in Macedonia. Keith had quit his job in Canada with the corporate banking world to backpack the world for a while. I remember him telling me that he made good money but that it was soul sucking and he wanted an adventure. We traveled to a few other countries together and when I finished in Romania, I was headed back to the states to do my paperwork to start my new job in Germany. Keith headed to Korea where he was going to teach English for a year. Fast forward to now, Keith has been traveling the world for at least the last 6 months. I am excited to hear about his adventures and get some tips for some new exotic locations like Mongolia, Georgia, and some of the “stan” countries. Who knows where Keith will end up. He told me a while ago he needed to get back to Canada and start looking for his pretty wife who can bare him 6 children with their nice house and white picket fence. Maybe that is what is next for him. Reguardless, I’m excited to catch up with my happy go lucky Canadian friend. I will have the whole day in Minsk to myself until he arrives late at night. I have no idea what to expect! I am excited 🙂

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